Talktoapplebees – Win $1000 Prize – Applebee’s Survey

Talktoapplebees – The Applebee’s Company wants to know the satisfaction level of its customers. If you are a food lover, this restaurant is the best for you, and once you visit the restaurant, you will get a receipt.

Talktoapplebees – Win $1000 Prize – Applebee’s Survey

With the help of the purchase receipt, you can take part in the survey of Applebee’s company and get a chance to win the prize.

The restaurant offers a customer satisfaction survey to know about the customers’ demands. With the help of a customer satisfaction survey, you can easily share your experience with the restaurant according to your visit.

PrizeApplebee’s Coupons
PurchaseNot Necessary

The customers can get better services from the company next time they complain against the customer services, cleanliness, product quality, etc.

The company quickly knows the customers’ problems and tries its best to improve them and provide better service. With the help of giving better services, the company can make a strong bond with the customers. After giving your customer satisfaction survey by answering some questions, you will get $1000 in cash monthly and $100 weekly.

How to Take a Survey?

  • Visit the site
  • Select your preferred language from English and Espanol.
  • Enter the 13 digit code on the survey site.
  • Enter the date and time of your visit with the company.
  • Then click ‘Start’ to continue the process.
  • After beginning the survey, answer some questions related to your visit.
  • Next, please rate your experience with the company and its services.
  • Then, enter the contact details in the space to contact you.
  • After that, tap on the submit button.
  • After submitting the company survey, you will get a coupon code that saves you money on your next purchase with Applebee’s company.

Benefits and Rewards

When you purchase the products from the Applebee’s Company, you will get the purchase receipt that helps you take part in the survey.

With the help of the purchase receipt, you can easily take the study and get the prize of $1000 monthly and $100 weekly. Apart from this reward, you can get many benefits from the company, and the company also can improve its services.

You can easily share your experience with the company. If you have any complaint regarding the cleanliness, staff’s nature and others, you can easily explain it through the feedback survey and get the better service next time.

Rules Talktoapplebees

To take part in the survey, you have to follow some rules and regulations, and then you can get the rewards from the company. So here are given some rules of the Applebee’s survey such as-

  • First of all, the purchase is necessary to take the survey of Applebee’s.
  • It would be best if you were a legal resident of the United States.
  • For the survey, your age should be 18 plus.
  • You should have English or Espanol knowledge.
  • To take the Applebee’s survey, you should give your personal details.
  • In the survey, you must complete the study within the given time.
  • It would be best to have a laptop, tablet, computer or smartphone to take the survey.
  • It would help if you had a strong internet connection on your web device.
  • You must contain a valid email ID.

About Applebee’s Survey Company

Applebee’s is an American restaurant that offers casual dining to its customers. This company was founded on 19 November 1980, Decatur, Georgia, USA and the founder was Bill Palmer T.J. Palmer.

Its headquarters is situated in Glendale, California, USA. This company is working great and provides delicious food items to its customers.

Now it has around 1830 locations where it serves its services all around the United States and has total revenue of US$2.5 billion. This company offers a survey that helps the customers give their feedback and improve its services.


I hope you will understand all about the survey like rules, requirements, steps of the procedure, and other things from the above-given information. You can easily take part in the study with the help of a receipt and your web device and get a chance to win the prize.

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Talktoapplebees FAQs

  • Which is about the questions asked in the survey?

Answer – The questions are all about your previous visit experience like staff’s nature, cleanliness, environment etc.

  • What prize does a winner get from the company?

Answer – The winning prize is $ 1000 and $100 weekly after completing the survey.

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