In the digital age in which we live, finding accommodation in Thailand is as simple as in any Western country. Long gone are the backpacker days of old, where the ‘turn up and look’ method of finding a bed for the night was the only option (although still fun and recommended occasionally). With smart phones in the hands of pretty much everyone, and an impressive 4G mobile network, AirBnB is one highly recommended accommodation option.

We have suggested places to stay based on our own personal experience – whether you are looking for accommodation in Bangkok, , Phuket, Chiang Mai, , Koh Phangang, , etc etc. But to highlight some of the more unusual and special AirBnB properties, have a look at our recommendations below.

Central Bkk unique art d├ęco house

Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

In the very center of the city, this is a unique 400 m2 Art Deco house surrounded by embassies and luxurious private gardens. A breathtaking terrace on the roof top, with an open outlook, is a must…